Dry Ridge / Dry Verge Systems

Dry Ridge and Dry Verge systems are a must-have to any roof installation in order to make the roof maintenance free for years to come, lasting a lot longer than traditional mortar based ridge plus these systems can be installed to new-builds as well as retro-fitted to old roof installations.

What is a Dry Ridge system?

A dry-ridge system is a system that is used in order to eliminate the need for the use of cement/mortar on the roof or reduce it to a very minimum usage. The system involves removing the old ridge tiles and installing a central timber fixed to the roof rafters. Once this timber is installed the waterproof, yet breathable, membrane roll-out is rolled along the ridge-line tacked in the centre and stuck to the tiles/slates on either side, using the self-adhesive strip on the rear of the membrane. Then can the ridge tiles began to be laid, using the appropriate brackets in-between each ridge tile. Each ridge then receives 1 mechanical screw fixing in the centre of that bracket which holds the ridge tiles firmly in place, while staying watertight.


What is a Dry Verge system?

A dry-verge system, again removes the need for cement/mortar from the roof verge-line. This system installation process varies dependant on roof types and wether the roof is a new-build or old install. However, the system installs by overhanging tiles from bargeboard and installing each individual plastic dry verge for every tile up the roof. Each dry-verge is fixed into the end of each batten, which the tiles are fixed too, and have a tongue & groove system where once installed all units are securely fixed together. 

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