PVC Fascia, Soffit & Guttering

A fresh installation of fascia, soffit and guttering can give a complete new appearance to your property. With the use of PVC giving easy maintenance and cleaning, while protecting the supporting timber beneath. With a range of colours and textures available you can choose the right appearance for your property.

The process

When it comes to replacing fascias, soffits or gutters the first task is to remove the existing gutter/fascia/soffit and inspect the timber beneath. If the timber is solid still and rot-free you will be 

able to simply install new PVC fascia capping board on-top of the existing timber work, preserving it from any further rot/weathering. If the existing timber is rotted then that shall have to be replaced as well before the new fascia, with the new timber being securely fixed into the roof rafters. Once the timber and PVC fascia is secure, then the process of installing the soffit and guttering can begin with the typical soffit of choice being hallow soffit panels, which give the property a great appearance.


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